IKF accept Colombia as 64th member

IKF accept Colombia as 64th member

Date posted: Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Executive Committee of the International Korfball Federation has accepted the Federacion Korfball Colombia (FKC) as its 64th member. The Federation, which operates out of Cali, host city of the 2013 World Games, has been active in korfball development for the past 4 years, and has already taken part in the Panamerican Korfball Championship in Americana, SP (Brazil) in 2014 where it reached second place.

Since the 2013 World Games, much development has taken place in Cali, with many children, high school students, and university students, taking part in korfball activities. Matches are played in the phenomenal Coliseu Mundialista, but also outdoor on hard court and on the various beach courts in Cali. The Federation collaborates closely with the Escuela Nacional de Deporte in Cali.

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