IKF A-D Rules 2009

IKF A-D Rules 2009

Date posted: Sunday, January 6, 2013

IKF A-D Rules 2009

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World Games 2021

The president of the  International World Games Association (IWGA), Mr José Perurena, just announced (22 January 2015) the World Games in 2021 will take place in the city of Birmingham, … Read more

IKF EShield 2015

Friday 30, Saturday 31 January and Sunday 1 February 2015 the next IKF Europa Shield takes place in Bergisch Gladbach (near Cologne) in Germany. Eight teams compete to become the … Read more

IKF ECup day 4 and the winners

More photo impressions from IKF Europa Cup 2015 Day 4. Day 4, Saturday 17 January 2017 (finals day) played in the Bloso Sportcenter in Herentals Belgium. The IKF photographer is … Read more


After beating the Belgium champion Royal Scaldis SC 17-31 in the big final, the Dutch champion TOP/Quoratio becomes the new IKF Europa Cup Champion 2015. The 3rd place and bronze … Read more

IKF ECup day 3

Bonson FJEP – Edinburgh Mavericks 17 – 9 If the IKF European Competitions Working Group decides to extend the schedule for the next edition of the IKF ECup this result … Read more

IKF ECup day 2

Edinburgh – Bonson FJEP 11 – 16 It must be said. It is a point of attention for a new European working group to create schedules where teams of equal … Read more

LIVE stream IKF ECup works

The LIVE Stream IKF Europa Cup in Tielen, Belgium works. You can watch all matches live as of now. Go to matches on the frontpage of the IKF website or … Read more

IKF ECup 2015 day 1

Trojans – Kocaeli 17 – 8 The opening game of the 49th edition of the IKF Europacup showed no suprise. It had to be said that the Turkish team has … Read more

IKF Europa Cup Booklet

The full history of the IKF Europa Cup is available. The IKF ECup history goes back to the start in 1967. It is an annual IKF event: IKF Europa Cup … Read more

Live web casting IKF Europa Cup korfball

Wednesday 14 January 2015 starts the 49th IKF Europa Cup korfball event. All matches you can follow live thru worldkorfball.org (click here for worldkorfball.org)and/or the ikfchannel on YouTube; . The … Read more